Our services

Introductory broking, renewable infrastructure assets

We source a wide range of renewable infrastructure assets for a diverse group of investors.

These assets are becoming more popular with mainstream institutional and private investors as they can benefit from long term returns that are uncorrelated with the financial markets, especially now that solar and wind have been substantially de-risked. For pension funds, this can help address the predicament of poorly performing asset classes in an environment of increasing liabilities. At the same time, some of the entrepreneurs, clean-tech specialists and utility companies who developed these projects are either cash constrained or want to crystallise profits and invest elsewhere.

We cover a range of technologies, from onshore and offshore wind farms to solar, biomass and hydro plants, across the developed and emerging markets, from Europe to Africa and India. These are large scale, developed projects with a minimum value of €5m.

Introductory broking, clean-technology companies

 We help early stage clean technology companies raise growth capital of between £0.5m-£5m. We engage with companies that have moved beyond the proof of concept stage to recognising early commercial revenues, ensuring suitability for our circle of private investors and VC houses.

Green Consulting

We undertake consultancy work on a project basis. Current mandates focus on the opportunity for energy efficiency within the UK public sector.